FAQ - english

Can I cancel my membership monthly?

The membership can be cancelled at any time. If you experience a financial bottleneck, we will not force you into private insolvency. The cancellation is possible by 1. cancellation of the payment, 2. cancellation on our cancellation page, 3. by an email to s.nemzov@gmx.de. The cancellation is effective immediately. The remaining term expires.

What happens if I quit?

From the moment we hear about your resignation, we’re divorced. You will no longer be bothered by us. We don’t ask why you quit. We don’t ask you to come back. We will not bother you with thumbnails or videos without asking. We respect your decision. You are an adult person and that’s exactly how we treat you.

If I quit, can I register again later?

We’re not unforgiving. Every human being may become wiser and rethink the decisions he has made in the past. Just re-register.

Do I have immediate access to all your videos after registration?

No, after registration you will be activated manually, this can take a few hours. After that you will get access to the current weekly issue of the last Monday. Older videos can be found under the menu „Videos kaufen“.

What exactly can I find in the members area?

You will find a folder called „Nik Bone Group“. In this folder you will find three subfolders and the last three torques (about 190 minutes). The subfolder „DM-Backup“ contains the fourth last torque. The folder „THE ETERNAL FOLDER“ contains many videos: the content of this folder does not change. The monthly folder changes every month and is called, for example, „2022_06_June_NikBone“. In it you will find six subfolders, four of them are called „week(1-4)“, one „FayLate“ and one „TinaVargas“. Here you will find new videos daily to weekly.

Where can I find the videos?

You need a Google Drive account. You can find your videos here: https://drive.google.com/drive/shared-with-me

When do I find the new videos? When will the update take place?

Since we usually shoot new videos on weekends, the updates will be on Monday evening. You can find the latest information in our Facebook group. If something seems to be wrong, please contact our support.

Can I download the videos?

The videos are only available for a limited period of time on google drive. It is strongly recommended to save the videos on a separate data carrier. A 3TB hard disk should provide space for about 100 of our videos. These stored videos are subject to § 53 exp. 1 – 3 of the German UrhG, § 42 exp. 4 of the Austrian UrhG and/or article 19 of the Swiss URG.

Are you private individuals or a company?

Nik Bone is a non-profit organization. Our members support us in the production of our media. We deal economically with the membership fees, but do not aim for profit. Nik Bone always pays his taxes and his debts.

What is a Drehmoment?

We believe that the special attraction of our videos is that nothing is cut away. A Drehmoment contains all the recordings of a shooting – no matter whether a scene is judged to be successful or unsuccessful – because who wants to make the judgement? Judge for yourself!

How do I get past missed editions?

See the menu item „Videos kaufen“. There we fill up some shop pages with our videos. However, we are more artists than merchants, so this is happening a bit slowly.

I don’t have Paypal and no credit card – how can I pay?

Please contact us via s.nemzov@gmx.de. We can currently still offer payment by permanent bank transfer or Amazon payment.

Are your videos porn in any way?

Hell! NO! We are a balloon art project and love everything that is beautiful and good. We hate all things that could be considered obscene.

My internet connection is bad – can I have your videos on DVD?

We do not produce or distribute DVDs. We can also deliver our videos on physical media. Due to the increased amount of work, unfortunately not at the reasonable price of a membership. Please contact us via s.nemzov@gmx.de.